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Gloria Jones Okafor is the CEO of Jones Magic Touch(GMT) located in Benin City Edo State. She is one of the most hard working young entrepreneur i have met. Her zeal and determination is one thing you can not resist when you are around her.
She is one of the few who amidst all odds have been able to create a niche for herself.
Her company Jones Magic Touch, is a massage parlor where all health and beauty related issues like full body massage, facials aerobics session, laundry services, health awareness talks are properly handled.

Here is what she has to say about her journey so far 👇👇👇👇

Who is Gloria Jones? 
Gloria Jones is that lady you ll love to meet,I am from IMO state, born into a Christian family, 5th child amongst 7 siblings...A Graduate of Business Administration from Ambrose Ali universities Edo state, a certified body therapist, a motivational speaker,a senior manager with forever living product, a gospel artist and a health consultant..

 What is your upbringing like?
My up bringing was tough in terms of discipline, my  parents were no nonsense people, my mum is a pastor,so u can imagine no cutting corners, doing it right all the time was not negotiable but thank God for that because it made me a better person.

What is your experience like as a young entrepreneur?
Experience is an every day thing for me,,from my early days in business, knowledge was paramount, I endlessly bought and read books and experimenting new skills..My findings were all super amazing..

Are women in Nigeria marginalized in any form?

I believe that women are seriously marginalised in Nigeria and it makes my heart bleeds because there are a lot of intelligent and smart  women whose voices and impacts are yet to be heard and felt..Enough opportunities are not given to the women to actualise their dreams.

How can you possibly advice women in the society to brace up the challenge in any chosen career?

Just like me, women please wake up and brace up for the fight before you.. Nobody will give you an opportunity just like that,like a common dictom goes "a woman's  place begins from the kitchen and ends in the bedroom."Say NO to this relegation..speak loud until you become a voice,stand firm in what you believe no matter what.
What is your DREAM? lawyer?politics?,Doctor?,pilot?sailor?,footballer?comedian? etc please believe in that dream,pursue it with passion until you get to your zenith..who says a woman can't do it and even better..

 Where do you see JMT in the next five years?

Jones magic touch (Jmt) Is gradually becoming a household name in Benin city and its environs hopefully in the next 5years,we want to be on the lips and hearts of all nigerians for the good work that we do..we have promised to give everyone a home treat of memorable touches, restoring,repairing and renewing all body parts.

What are the challenges you have encounter so far?

Life is full of challenges so everyday comes with it's own challenge..In time past i have suffered denial,rejection,low finance and trust but that is because we have a lot of quarks in all profession so a lot of people with bad experiences are scared to relate freely. But that didn't stop me,rather I developed passion for my dream so I kept pushing and pressing forward,Now am at the TOP and i hope to see more young entrepreneurs there too...

 How do you spend your leisure?

Liesure is key for me.. most times as a veteran i play badmitton which has become an addiction for me I am a gold medalist and other times I go swimming.
As a way of taking a break from my hectic schedule, i also go on vacation once in a while.

Connect with Gloria Jones Okafor  on all her social media handle.(08055936821)


  1. Congrats luv. You will excel above the sky. Gloria is one of the most hardworking and industrious lady i have met. I gave her a very short notice to come and lecture on access women network in benin for our health week and she performed beyond our expectation. Access women benin chapter are proud of you. It is not easy to inform someone in the evening that she will be lecturing the next day. We love you and may God bless you tremendously. Osarieme Uhunmwangho. Access bank benin.

  2. That's very nice and encouraging. Keep up the good works!



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