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I met Esther Adeniyi through her blog and immediately clicked the follow button.  Apart from the very creative content as a prolific writer, she pass to me as a woman with a captivating personality.
NDD had the priveledge of having a chat with her and here is her view on certain
Can we meet you?
My name is Esther Adeniyi and I am the owner of Esther Adeniyi's Blog, a blog for the young Nigerian woman. I have a B.Sc and an M. Sc in Chemistry from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. I currently work as the content and correspondence officer at a real estate firm in Nigeria. I run my blog concurrently and hope to go into it full time very soon.

How was growing up like for you?
Growing up was mostly turbulent for me. I didn't get the chance to be and act like a teenager. I was made to grow up too fast because I am the first born of my family. I went through so many emotional issues including frequent depressing episodes. Home wasn't really an emotionally stable environment for me while growing up so I had to work hard to stay sane, pass my exams and day dream of a better future.

What do you do for a living?
Like I said earlier, I work as the content and correspondence officer for a real estate company here in Nigeria. I source for News and manage some of the social media accounts. I interview people in the real estate field.
I also design blogs as side hustle.

How long did it take you to get this far?
If you mean in my blogging career, approximately 6 years. My current blog is 4 years old.

What prompted/motivated you into blogging?
I wanted a portion of the Internet for myself. I just wanted where I could call my own space to write about things that bothered me. It was supposed to be an online journal. I didn't know that it would turn out to be something as more defined as this.

How do you get inspiration to write beautiful content like you do?
I observe a lot. I am also very present in my environment. I watch out for common problems women face and write to solve them. I see these problems everyday on social media, Facebook especially. FIN has been a very good source of inspiration to write problem solving content.

If you were to turn back the hands of time,what would it be?
I really can't say. I think I love where I am right now.

What is your take on women in politics?
Women are beginning to blaze the trail in different areas of life. I believe that a woman who is passionate about politics should go for it. She however has to be able to carry members of her family along. She'll need them, always.

What would you tell your younger self?
Prepare for a very busy, rewarding and more fulfilling future.

Do you have any mentor in blogging/life?
Not physically. I only watch what successful bloggers do.

What would you tell a young women who wants to go into blogging/follow her passion?
I would tell her that she isn't going to break even as quickly as she starts so if her passion isn't enough to work things out before she starts getting rewards, she had better move on to the next thing.

What are your pet peeves?
Mindless plagiarism. Unoriginality

You are a mentor to so many. What advice do you have for those looking up to you?
Find your lane, pick your spot and unapologetically own it.

what are your hobbies?
Watching movies

How do you spend your leisure?
I watch movies. I watch movies a lot. I am compensated with many more ideas after watching movies too.

What is your advice to the young Nigerian woman who dares to standout?
Have a style and define it in every way possible. If you are going to find inspiration from anyone or anything, let it stop at that, don't copy their ideas word for word, art for art, move for move.

NDD is a young blog aimed at celebrating the Nigerian woman who dares to standout. What advice do you have for the initiator?
It is a young blog so there are going to be very rough times. Times when she'd want to give it all up. It is okay to take those breaks you can't help, when you are done finding yourself and purpose of starting, pick up again. You have to pick up, you can't afford to let things go because you can't take the present heat. It is going to hunt you later.

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  1. Thrilling interview
    I got to know about her likewise her blog through GNGs group. Well doing NDD's Author and i couldn't agree less with her advice



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